WELCOME TO Chacha Jewelers

Family run business - so we know what we do and therefore we are the most competitive in the market.

Network of branches across the UK means we are best placed for economies of scale and can pass on the benefits to our customers.

Some of our products are shown here. This is only a selection, please visit our shop for our full range.

Jewellery for all occasions. No matter what the occasion is, we have something to complement the occasion.

  • 341 Cheetham Hill Road
  • Manchester M8 0SF
  • Tel: 0161 633 1340
  • Mob: 07533 351 376


Our skill is really high quality and standard for build your project.

Havier Macherano Developer
Luka Biglia Programmer
Anzo Perez Designer
Martin Demichelis PHP Developer